Let’s Educate Together.

At PLS Consultants, we have built a rock-solid team of experienced Project Managers and International SMEs who work across diverse contexts on project and programme management, strategic planning, advocacy, implementation, training, procurement, and partnership building.

No project is too small or too large for our team to deliver.

We work in rural educational development; education in conflict and crisis; and in unique cultural and political environments to deliver for all learners, teachers, and communities.

Our teams have broad experience across topical areas within International Education, as well as particular depth in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of education system strengthening.

We will work with closely with your staff to understand your needs before providing cost-effective, value-driven custom-designed solutions. .

Textbook Creation

Whether you are seeking to create a general purpose handbook as an aid for your teachers, preparatory documentation for recognised English Language examinations, or are in need of a full-fledged educational syllabus in-keeping with your country’s societal expectations and desires, we can provide effective solutions for all.

Statistical Analyses

Beyond the provision and implementation of a new educational programme, there is little to be gained by a firm where effective post-implementation analyses are wanting.

Here at PLS we understand the importance of such and can create an effective means of analysing any educational rollout, be it an in-house creation or otherwise, as to ensure you have all the facts required to best gauge effectiveness and ROI.

Our evidence based methods will ensure you have the data needed to make smart and effective decisions, to realise real savings through being able to apply your efforts where they yield the greatest ROI, and work to put your audiences at the forefront of their learning potential.

let's work together.